Saturday, December 25, 2010

Temporary car insurance conditions

Although car insurance policies generally span 12 month periods, there are instances where we only need cover for a short spell. In these instances, short term car insurance can be a helpful solution.

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How temporary car insurance works

When you add another driver to your policy, you run the risk of losing your no-claims discount; through no fault of your own.
With a short term car insurance policy however, you can have another driver legally use your vehicle without fear of them jeopardising your no-claims bonus.
On the other hand, if you needed to drive someone else's vehicle for a short period, you could set up short term car insurance to afford them with the same peace of mind.
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When you might need short term car insurance

Short term car insurance could be ideal if you are borrowing a friend or relative's vehicle. It might also be appropriate if you have visitors coming to stay, perhaps on holiday from another country, for a short period.
If you want to lend your car to a friend or relative then temporary cover might be a sensible option, and if you are buying a new car but haven't yet been able to sort out a permanent policy, short term car insurance would cover you for driving the car home from the dealership.

Temporary car insurance conditions

Temporary car insurance is available to anyone with a full UK driving license, though the cover may be subject to age-restrictions.
Should you decide to buy temporary cover, you should carefully consider the period the cover will span, and ask the insurer if you would be able to extend the cover at the end of the agreed period if necessary.
Some insurance providers will offer short term car insurance to drivers with European or other types of driving license, but you should check with the individual insurer.

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