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Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie Doll and Model Videos,Biography and Huge Collection of 44 Hot,Sexy,Cute and Beautiful Pictures

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Valeria Lukyanova is the world’s living Barbie doll. She has big blue glassy eyes, tiny waist, straight platinum blonde hair and huge breast, dresses, looks and acts like the plastic doll.
Valeria Lukyanova is currently “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet.” Her page which hosts more than ten thousand images is a favorite page for both fans and critics. Her YouTube channel has millions of views while her Facebook page has tens of thousands of likes which should reach to a million pretty soon due to the attention she is getting.
Her quest is met with mixed reactions including applause, admiration and criticisms, netizens expressed different opinions about Valeria Lukyanova’s quest on becoming a real life Barbie, which as many would agree she already achieved. Some would say that Valeria has a psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder while others got nothing but plain admiration of her beauty and ideology.
She is also known with handle or username “amatue” throughout the Internet.
Her About Me page (written in Russian language) roughly translates to this:
“A warrior can not cry anymore, and the only expression of pain is the thrill that comes from somewhere from the depths of the universe, as if one of the emanations of the Eagle was a pain, and when it reaches the Warrior, the Warrior is infinite shivers.
People’s actions do not affect the soldier, because he no longer has any expectations. A strange calm becomes the guiding force in his life. He took one of the concepts of life of the warrior-detachment.”

Among girls who strive for beauty perfection, Lera, without doubt, went further than all. Still, her unearthly appearance is as attractive as it is repulsive – say those who do not belong to the army of her fans. Well, she does look like a doll, and, what is more important, she cultivates this image in photos: no smiles, glassy stare, constrained poses, and strange doll outfits.
Though… among numerous images there are some, where she looks quite lively and natural: with an ordinary pony tail, no makeup, and in comfortable boots instead of sky high heels – that’s how she climbs mountains of Tibet or steps of Mexican pyramids. Lera is keen on – увлекается esoterism, spirituality, and search of universal values. For that she travels to the most sacred places of our planet: India, Mexico, Guatemala, and Nepal. On many of her photos she can be seen with bindi – an Indian forehead decoration, that symbolizes purity of mind; and with hands folded in mudras – ritual gestures in Hinduism and Buddhism. Thus, no wonder that Valeria is a strict vegetarian and a devotee for rawism (practice of consuming uncooked food), in her blog she passionately calls for  animals rights.

It’s amazing, but «a real-life Barbi» doesn’t sees her calling in exploitation of her unique look, neither on catwalk nor in cinema: she wishes to become a singer and soon is presenting her first album. Lukyanova gives her preference to New Age – inspirational and peaceful music; and to express herself in it she sings not only in her native Russian, but in Hindu and Chinese.

No doubt, the overall picture is full of  contradictions. So, who is Lera Lukyanova after all: an odious hunter for fame or just a not ordinary girl, who is simply beautiful in her face, in the way she dresses, in her thoughts and in her innermost self? And how does she combines fantastic admiration of her appearance and her strive for inner harmony and beauty? These contradictions divide those who see her on the web into two camps: those who worship her unearthly physical and spiritual perfection, and those who call her just a narcissistic pretender, ready to do anything for fame.
“It’s a doll, she cannot be real!” – you would probably think when seeing photos of this girl for the first time. Indeed, she’s already called a “real-life Barbie” on the Internet.  

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