Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 £23.31m from just 10 days of release $489.3 million world wide The seventh biggest hit of the year


“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” took in $42 million domestically over the three-day weekend and $62.3 million in the five-day Thanksgiving boom time from Wednesday to Sunday. That raised its domestic total to $221.3 million, while the Summit Entertainment release added $71.5 million overseas to lift the international total to $268 million and the worldwide take to $489.3 million.

There was little surprise at the UK box office this past weekend as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 pulled in another £4.6m in receipts, with the fourth entry in the hugely popular vampire romance series pushing its grand total to £23.3m after just 10 days on screens. It's certainly been a good start for the penultimate installment and although its hardly pushing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - which had amassed a hefty £44.3m at the same stage of release - it's already the sixth biggest film of the year on these shores. 

After a somewhat disappointing opening, Aardman Animations' Arthur Christmas retains second place for the third week consecutive week (and also manages to increase its haul for the third week in a row), while £749,819 is enough to place My Week with Marilyn in third, making it the highest of six new entries in the chart and pushing The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and Immortals down one place apiece to fourth and fifth respectively.

Moving on and it's nearly all change in the bottom half of the chart, with the only familiar face being the Justin Timberlake sci-fi thriller In Time, which falls three spots from last week to finish up in eighth. Placing above that is 50/50, with the Seth Rogen / Joseph Gordon-Levitt cancer comedy taking in £410k to claim sixth, while the Daniel Craig / Rachel Weisz thriller Dream House opens in seventh with £304k. Bollywood comedy Desi Boyz enjoys a solid debut in ninth with £243k, leaving baseball dramaMoneyball to pick up the wooden spoon in tenth with £230k

With "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" still crushing all competition at the box office, it's clear from the film's overwhelming fan support that the highly anticipated instant hit will be raking in more dough in the coming weeks and months.

As expected, plenty of folks had trouble selecting just one favorite scene from the action-packed, 117-minute movie. In addition to the three early favorites — the honeymoon scene, birth scene and wedding scene — according to our quick poll, fans seem happiest with the family toasts at Edward and Bella's wedding and Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.

"Love wedding scene and Charlie's speech, also Jake's imprinting to Renesmee scene," Daniela Imrichova said.

"I feel the wedding speeches were a well-thought addition 2 the movie - since it wasnt in the books. LUV Emmet's the best!" gushed Kristen Grumbine.

"My favorite scene was Jake imprinting on Renesmee it really touched my heart that Jake finally found true love," Christine Waters chimed in.

"Jacob imprinting its perfect. I've seen it four times so far and still cry," admitted Desiree Kozlowski.

"I have already watched it 3 times. #Favoritepart = THE WHOLE MOVIE," wrote Valentina.

Despite falling a steep 67%, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is providing plenty of cheer to backers Summit and local distributor Entertainment One. With a cumulative total of £23.31m from just 10 days of release, the film is already the seventh biggest hit of the year, after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, The King's Speech, The Inbetweeners Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Hangover: Part II and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A place below Breaking Dawn is Bridesmaids, with £23.01m.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ROXRITE The Winner of Red Bull BC One - World Final in Moscow 2011.- FINAL Lil G VS Roxrite i...

"We are the future of this dance; so let's pass it down to the next generation!"

More than 2,000 people were lucky enough to witness a titanic battle to win the grand final of Red Bull BC One 2011, as 16 of the world's greatest B-boys rocked the historic Nikulin Circus in Moscow. In the end, it was America's Roxrite who convinced the judges and crowd that he should be champion, but only after a hard-fought face-off against 21-year-old Venezuelan Lil G. The final in Moscow was Roxrite’s third attempt at the title, having made it to the finals of Red Bull BC One in 2007 and 2008 which only increased his determination. “I’ve won almost every big battle in my life and this was the one title that was missing and that I wanted to win before I turn 30 next year,” he said after the event. Last year’s winner Neguin of Brazil watches Roxrite perform on the biggest stage.

Simply put, Delgado – better known as RoxRite – rocks right, the way one should b-boy. It shows in his collection of 61 tournament victories around the world, including 21 one-on-one tournament victories.

When he dances, each of his movements seems deliberate and precise. His flow somehow manages to be very light and buoyant but also solid and aggressive.

Omar O. Delgado Macias aka ROXRITE, was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and started dancing at the age of twelve. He is definitely the “hardest hitter” of the last years. He is a member of the new generation of the legendary US crew “Renegades” from San Francisco. ROXRITE – rocks right. His experience and mastery show in his collection of 71 number one titles from around the world, including 23 one-on-one tournament victories.

ROXRITE tours the world with the RED BULL BC ONE ALL STARS and is also one of the main characters portrayed in the RED BULL BC ONE documentary TURN IT LOOSE. Asked about the documentary he says: “It feels good to be part of TURN IT LOOSE. It’s hard to explain because I’m not out pursuing films or commercials. So to get put on and have some of my story being told is surreal. I feel like I have accomplished something, especially being on the poster. It’s crazy!”

Though born in Guadalajara, and Mexican through and through, he represents the USA where his family moved when he was six years old and where they had to survive hardship and poverty. But this is also where he started dancing – and so he feels he has to represent the US.

With his vast variety of moves, repetition will never be an issue with this battle hardened West Coast B-Boy. ROXRITE has an almost unnatural ability to stick freeze combinations and he puts a unique twist on all his moves. Some call him the cleanest B-Boy out there – he has his stuff down and you will not see him fall out of a move ever! Being one of the world’s best B-Boys, he still is a humble person and very respected in the community.

Omar got his B-Boy name ROXRITE through his friend Ground Level in 1996, when he was a member of his first crew, SUB 4. His friend thought that he always danced clean and as perfect as he could which meant, he “rocked right.”

ROXRITE started breaking in 1995. When he was a little kid, he saw his older brother break in Mexico. In 1988, the family moved to the Bay Area in California. When ROXRITE went to junior high school, there were a lot of kids breaking. One day, the older kids did a show and ROXRITE and his friends were deeply impressed. They went home and started practicing immediately. ROXRITE was inspired, he felt it was something challenging that he needed to be a part of. They practiced every day without really knowing what they were doing at that time.

ROXRITE is a strategic battle B-Boy. He takes everything into consideration from footwork to powermoves to freezes. He has different strategies, depending on the situation—defensive or offensive. When he goes first, he immediately attacks in a very strong way so it’s hard for the opponent to respond. His main strategy is simply to do more than the other B-Boy does, in whatever field. The way he dresses is important, too. “You’ve got to respect yourself as an artist and treat yourself that way!”

For ROXRITE being a good B-Boy comes from the heart and foremost means being a good person. As far as skills go, discipline is the tool! Ground Level was his first big inspiration, but Thunder, Remind, and Ken Swift have had a lot of influence on him, too.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pooja Mishra come back "BIG BOSS 5

Pooja Mishra is known to pick up fights with every participant in the Bigg Boss 5 house, thrown out of Big Boss 5 on Saturday ...

Evicted Pooja open up about Bigg Boss

Pooja Mishra is a VJ, socialite and a model. She is the one of the contestant in Big Boss 5. She has many video albums, she also participated in TV realty show The Big Switch on UTV Bindass.

As a Bigg Boss season 5 contestant Pooja Mishra will not only add glamor in the show but her technique to impress people will be a favorable point which may give her an edge. While doing the anchor role in solving personal problems of audience, Pooja Mishra also got several offers for marriage and she refused all very decently.

Actress-VJ Pooja Misra is now back. With a fresh season of her one-hour love guru show on B4U titled Jab We Talk. Answering callers from across the country and sorting out their love problems while shooting for over 12 hours everyday is not an easy task for this actor. “Mother Teresa once said that the biggest hunger in this nation is not for food but for love. Even if I can help one person with.

She is not that a successful actress, but she has rocked a lot being a VJ, a model and a regular Page 3 celebrity. A party freak, she is quite famous amongst the celebrity groups. Pooja Mishra is the talk of the day. Pooja came much into limelight with her pairing with “my mobile company” and then the recent glitz ‘Jab We Talk’, a chat show on B4U channel. She became the love guru .

Controversial inmate and anchor Pooja Misrra describes her eight-week long stay in the Bigg Boss house as a “rollercoaster ride”.

The 27-year-old, who was asked to get out of the reality show thanks to her indiscipline, and a reported scuffle with inmate VJ Sidharth Bhardwaj on Saturday morning, believes that everyone in the house created unnecessary fuss when it came to her.

“I honestly didn’t expect to get out of the house this way. But everyone in the house used to instigate me a lot. All I told them when they did that was to say ‘Please spare me’,” says Pooja, who got into major fights with fellow inmates including Pooja Bedi, Amar Upadhyay, Vida Samadzai and Shonali Nagrani, during her stay in the house.

Misrra believes she was the only genuine person in the house, and says: “Everyone else has an agenda with which they have entered the house. They all attempted to crush me as much as they can but thankfully I managed to stand to my ground.”

Tell her how the evicted contestants have been calling her a drama queen and hungry for TRPs and she says, “Really? I didn’t wear any fake lashes or put up a fake face, I was most real in the house. They all have their own delusions.”

Would she like if to go inside the house again, if given a chance? “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (thinking) Let’s leave it at that, says Misrra, who now plans to relax by going on a vacation.

Earlier she was a host in show Jab we talk on B4U.

Pooja Mishra ,may not have earned the fame with she deserve but she is a good model and a VJ and had participated in many video albums. Model and now Bigg Boss 5 contestant Pooja Mishra is also a socialite and have hosted a show solving personal problems.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dhanush's 'Kolaveri di' song is the new youth anthem.

Why This Kolaveri Di   Full Song Promo Video in HD

If you haven't heard "Kolaveri Di", you are supposed to be out of sync with the world.

Ths song is sung by Tamil star Dhanush for his film "3", which is directed by his wife Aishwayra Dhanush

The Tamil song with nonsense lyrics that came out just eight days ago has already notched up up 3,020,014 hits on YouTube and its fan following includes the young and the old, the commoner and the celebrity.

"We had a real blast writing and recording this song," says Dhanush in an exclusive telephonic interview from Chennai. Although he's sung a few ditties here and there in previous films, this is by far the biggest hit and will feature in his film "3", directed by his wife Aishwarya Dhanush, megastar Rajnikanth's daughter. Incidentally, the music of the film, including this song, has been composed by 21-year old Anirudh Ravichander, Rajnikanth's nephew.

Seldom has any song created such a craze "with over 8.2 M links shared on Facebook in less than a week", a Sony Music statement said.

"Such is the effect of the song that strangely my two-and-a-half-month-old son slept listening to 'Kolaveri Di'," said Janice Goveas, a Mumbai-based professional said.

Not only down south, the craze for the song has caused an all-India frenzy. National TV channels have carried stories about the song's popularity.

" Kolaveri di...definitely the sleeper song blockbuster of the year!!! Rock on Dhanush!!!," tweeted Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar.

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: "Just heard #Kolaveri after much talk on it... it's so original and catchy...congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya (Rajni's daughter).. love"

The composer of the song, 18-year-old Anirudh, is unable to explain the phenomenon it has become, saying: "It's probably because of the funny, broken English and some amount of musicality, but I cannot really explain beyond a point."

 Dhanush was married on 18 November 2004 to actor Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya. They have two sons, named Yatra (b. 10 October 2006) and Linga (b. 21 June 2010).

G. Ravishankar, who is part opopular band Zinx led by Anirudh, said: "It is simple and catchy. It captures your imagination. It makes the youth dance and sing instantly."

The unprecedented success can also be attributed to the clever marketing plan of Sony Music Entertainment India, which has released the single track album.

"We wanted this song to go viral on cyberspace. We marketed aggressively to make the song a national rage, by posting it on Tamil, Hindi and international Facebook pages, apart from releasing it on YouTube. The video accompanying the song was recorded at 2 a.m., and edited on the day of the release," says Ashok Parwani, associate director, Sony Music Entertainment India.

"Getting 2 million hits on YouTube is a good sign, but our aim is to reach 15 million", he added.

However, Tamil writer Kadarkarai begs to differ.

"It is a song that lacks in musical finesse and depth. Fine music is created and enjoyed by mature minds. It is predominantly the adolescent minds that make this kind of superfluous songs a rage. Those minds do not have such memories and hence this popularity. I hope they would grow up soon and enjoy fine music soon" he said.

Criticism notwithstanding, the song's popularity is growing and it is being broadcast on Hindi FM channels. It will also be played on all 32 Radio Mirchi stations and 43 Big FM stations, adding a viewership of more than 300,000 to its YouTube link everyday.

The publicity can help Dhanush, who plans to direct a Hindi film next year.

The song will also has the distinction of being the first Tamil song to be premiered on a national music channel, MTV, on Thursday.

Dhanush has teamed up with Shruti Haasan in the film.