Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ROXRITE The Winner of Red Bull BC One - World Final in Moscow 2011.- FINAL Lil G VS Roxrite i...

"We are the future of this dance; so let's pass it down to the next generation!"

More than 2,000 people were lucky enough to witness a titanic battle to win the grand final of Red Bull BC One 2011, as 16 of the world's greatest B-boys rocked the historic Nikulin Circus in Moscow. In the end, it was America's Roxrite who convinced the judges and crowd that he should be champion, but only after a hard-fought face-off against 21-year-old Venezuelan Lil G. The final in Moscow was Roxrite’s third attempt at the title, having made it to the finals of Red Bull BC One in 2007 and 2008 which only increased his determination. “I’ve won almost every big battle in my life and this was the one title that was missing and that I wanted to win before I turn 30 next year,” he said after the event. Last year’s winner Neguin of Brazil watches Roxrite perform on the biggest stage.

Simply put, Delgado – better known as RoxRite – rocks right, the way one should b-boy. It shows in his collection of 61 tournament victories around the world, including 21 one-on-one tournament victories.

When he dances, each of his movements seems deliberate and precise. His flow somehow manages to be very light and buoyant but also solid and aggressive.

Omar O. Delgado Macias aka ROXRITE, was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and started dancing at the age of twelve. He is definitely the “hardest hitter” of the last years. He is a member of the new generation of the legendary US crew “Renegades” from San Francisco. ROXRITE – rocks right. His experience and mastery show in his collection of 71 number one titles from around the world, including 23 one-on-one tournament victories.

ROXRITE tours the world with the RED BULL BC ONE ALL STARS and is also one of the main characters portrayed in the RED BULL BC ONE documentary TURN IT LOOSE. Asked about the documentary he says: “It feels good to be part of TURN IT LOOSE. It’s hard to explain because I’m not out pursuing films or commercials. So to get put on and have some of my story being told is surreal. I feel like I have accomplished something, especially being on the poster. It’s crazy!”

Though born in Guadalajara, and Mexican through and through, he represents the USA where his family moved when he was six years old and where they had to survive hardship and poverty. But this is also where he started dancing – and so he feels he has to represent the US.

With his vast variety of moves, repetition will never be an issue with this battle hardened West Coast B-Boy. ROXRITE has an almost unnatural ability to stick freeze combinations and he puts a unique twist on all his moves. Some call him the cleanest B-Boy out there – he has his stuff down and you will not see him fall out of a move ever! Being one of the world’s best B-Boys, he still is a humble person and very respected in the community.

Omar got his B-Boy name ROXRITE through his friend Ground Level in 1996, when he was a member of his first crew, SUB 4. His friend thought that he always danced clean and as perfect as he could which meant, he “rocked right.”

ROXRITE started breaking in 1995. When he was a little kid, he saw his older brother break in Mexico. In 1988, the family moved to the Bay Area in California. When ROXRITE went to junior high school, there were a lot of kids breaking. One day, the older kids did a show and ROXRITE and his friends were deeply impressed. They went home and started practicing immediately. ROXRITE was inspired, he felt it was something challenging that he needed to be a part of. They practiced every day without really knowing what they were doing at that time.

ROXRITE is a strategic battle B-Boy. He takes everything into consideration from footwork to powermoves to freezes. He has different strategies, depending on the situation—defensive or offensive. When he goes first, he immediately attacks in a very strong way so it’s hard for the opponent to respond. His main strategy is simply to do more than the other B-Boy does, in whatever field. The way he dresses is important, too. “You’ve got to respect yourself as an artist and treat yourself that way!”

For ROXRITE being a good B-Boy comes from the heart and foremost means being a good person. As far as skills go, discipline is the tool! Ground Level was his first big inspiration, but Thunder, Remind, and Ken Swift have had a lot of influence on him, too.

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