Monday, November 28, 2011

Pooja Mishra come back "BIG BOSS 5

Pooja Mishra is known to pick up fights with every participant in the Bigg Boss 5 house, thrown out of Big Boss 5 on Saturday ...

Evicted Pooja open up about Bigg Boss

Pooja Mishra is a VJ, socialite and a model. She is the one of the contestant in Big Boss 5. She has many video albums, she also participated in TV realty show The Big Switch on UTV Bindass.

As a Bigg Boss season 5 contestant Pooja Mishra will not only add glamor in the show but her technique to impress people will be a favorable point which may give her an edge. While doing the anchor role in solving personal problems of audience, Pooja Mishra also got several offers for marriage and she refused all very decently.

Actress-VJ Pooja Misra is now back. With a fresh season of her one-hour love guru show on B4U titled Jab We Talk. Answering callers from across the country and sorting out their love problems while shooting for over 12 hours everyday is not an easy task for this actor. “Mother Teresa once said that the biggest hunger in this nation is not for food but for love. Even if I can help one person with.

She is not that a successful actress, but she has rocked a lot being a VJ, a model and a regular Page 3 celebrity. A party freak, she is quite famous amongst the celebrity groups. Pooja Mishra is the talk of the day. Pooja came much into limelight with her pairing with “my mobile company” and then the recent glitz ‘Jab We Talk’, a chat show on B4U channel. She became the love guru .

Controversial inmate and anchor Pooja Misrra describes her eight-week long stay in the Bigg Boss house as a “rollercoaster ride”.

The 27-year-old, who was asked to get out of the reality show thanks to her indiscipline, and a reported scuffle with inmate VJ Sidharth Bhardwaj on Saturday morning, believes that everyone in the house created unnecessary fuss when it came to her.

“I honestly didn’t expect to get out of the house this way. But everyone in the house used to instigate me a lot. All I told them when they did that was to say ‘Please spare me’,” says Pooja, who got into major fights with fellow inmates including Pooja Bedi, Amar Upadhyay, Vida Samadzai and Shonali Nagrani, during her stay in the house.

Misrra believes she was the only genuine person in the house, and says: “Everyone else has an agenda with which they have entered the house. They all attempted to crush me as much as they can but thankfully I managed to stand to my ground.”

Tell her how the evicted contestants have been calling her a drama queen and hungry for TRPs and she says, “Really? I didn’t wear any fake lashes or put up a fake face, I was most real in the house. They all have their own delusions.”

Would she like if to go inside the house again, if given a chance? “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (thinking) Let’s leave it at that, says Misrra, who now plans to relax by going on a vacation.

Earlier she was a host in show Jab we talk on B4U.

Pooja Mishra ,may not have earned the fame with she deserve but she is a good model and a VJ and had participated in many video albums. Model and now Bigg Boss 5 contestant Pooja Mishra is also a socialite and have hosted a show solving personal problems.

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  1. Pooja Mishra.. Really she is very pretty, cool and beauty also.. Big Boss 5 is also quiet good...