Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Diegodiego - The World's #1 and Most Famous Entertainer

Diegodiego personifies Hollywood glamor with its light and boundless energy, who love the world. Numero Uno on the music charts Diegodiego is recognized by the public and media, as the artist number one and most famous in the world. Diegodiego is the first and only artist succeeding and conquering Hollywood Yucatan and the U.S.. Spain, Mexico, Central and South America. His performances of live music and movies make it an actor and singer of international stature on the radio, television, movies, magazines and the Internet.

His ability to write and sing is evident, together with its natural simplicity, which has led him to win the hearts of young and old. His artistic career began Professional in the telenovela "La Culpa", production of Televisa, under the direction of Pynkie Morris, which motivated him to test their artistic skills further.

Recognizing that the Disney company is very demanding on staff and hires only the best of the best in talent for their projects, Diegodiego becomes part of a cast of more than five thousand people, which lasted about three days, making it one three Latinos in the 60 individuals who represented the famous Walt Disney characters at Disneyland in California, USA.

Set goals that will take you to higher levels where Diegodiego is happy, so then your CD recording entitled "Burn Burn" production that contains unreleased tracks The Escalon, Crying My Heart, Burn Burn, The Ay Ay, Ay, Land of Two Teen and I am happy that becomes successful when accepted by the international public explendidamente Mexico, Europe, Asia, Central America and the United States on the radio.

Named Top Ten CD by magazines worldwide, being in the Top Ten of dance music by DJ's and an interview with the television networks in the world, the success of Diegodiego is spectacular, its class and finesse on stage is something never seen before a perfect transmitting and entertaining showman. In 2007, he launched Diegodiego Spanish speaking their second CD which is called, "Making Scandal," in honor of his great friend and colleague, Raul Vale (singer and comedian). Diegodiego confesses, "Raul Vale taught me many things, but I value most is the advice given to me by saying 'Diegodiego, are nothing more and nothing short of scandalous! Fight for what most want, you have my blessing, '"Those words inspired to write the Hit Diegodiego single" Blue Castle "ballad Hipnotisa all with their different sounds, angelic voice that carries the imagination to a world full of happiness , love and beauty of life itself. The success of the CD by scandal was successfully distributed worldwide total to this day the 10 full tracks remain at # 1 of the first stations of Radio and Digital Radio. 

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