Monday, December 26, 2011

Sahir Lodhi , heart throb of millions of people

Sahir Lodhi is a Pakistani actor and a host of radio and TV shows. He made his first TV appearance in Chai Time on Indus TV, which became a hit morning show.Some of his most popular shows are Shair Online, Kuch Tum Kahao Kuch Hum Kahain, Ranjhey Sassi Punoon Heer, Dhorajee, The Sahir Lodhi Show and Morning Masala. He has acted in drama serials and single plays as well, including Bechrain Gay Abb Kaisay, Bikharnay Say Pehlay, Tum Miyray Ho, Khado Khal, Saheli and Adhoray Khaab.

Lodhi is passionate about radio, especially his program The Sahir Show on Mast FM 103.

Other than media work, Sahir Lodhi is running a foundation, The Sahir Ladhi Foundation, working in the areas of primary health care, education, motivation inspiration and legal aid.

Sahir was born on 21st May, in the town of Karachi, Pakistan. His childhood home was sprawling heritage building of very old bricks, mixed cultural, sub-urban Karachi, at Railway Colony Karachi Cantonment. He grew up at the same place and then moved to USA where he spent almost 14 years of his life, did masters in petroleum engineering.

Lodhi was born to Roshan Ali Gohar and Taj Lodhi in Karachi. He grew up in a family with two brothers and one sister (Amir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi and Dr. Shaista Wahidi). He started his learning at Pakistan Navy Boys School and received a Masters in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech of the University of Montana.

The Sahir Show (Monday-Friday) is a Pakistani radio show airing on Mast FM (103). Predominantly the show focuses on entertainment, fun and counseling, hosted by Sahir Lodhi. In this show sometimes Sahir invites some guests. Sahir receives calls coming from the listeners all around Pakistan during the show. He makes a special topic in every program, on which the whole program of that day depends. Questions and answers are made on that topic, which the listeners enjoy.

He started with theater. It’s his life. He says, “If I die, you shake me up and say you have to act in a play. I will get up , I promise I’ll, I’ll open my eyes and say, tell me what’s the character. I will do it.” Same goes for his radio show called The Sahir Show on Mast fm 103. Radio is his passion and his honesty. When you ask him to say something about his radio show, he says, “Malik-ol-moot makes sure you catch me on days when I am not doing my radio, any of those five days, no chance, I am not dieing.”

In the second Pakistan Media Awards, Sahir Lodhi receive the following awards for his TV and Radio shows.
Pakistan Media Awards for TV Show Host (2010)
Pakistan Media Awards for Best Morning Show (2010)
Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Show (2010)
Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Jockey (2010)

Nowadays, Sahir is into establishing his foundation, ‘The Sahir Lodhi Foundation’ where he is focusing on 5 dimensions of life (A) Primary health care, (B) Education, (C) Opportunities, (D) Motivation Inspiration and (E) Legal Aid. One of Sahir’s most favorite quotes is “its not how you start its how you finish” and certainly this is not his biography, this is the beginning of the beginning. Work continues…

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