Friday, March 9, 2012

MariaToor - Pakistan's Female Squash Champion

Maria Toor Pakay is a professional female squash player who represents Pakistan in international matches and tournaments.

 She was born on November 22, 1990 in Bannu, Pakistan and has been residing in Islamabad, Pakistan. From her childhood she has been very much interested in Squash, and she started to play squash when she was 5 years old. 

As in September 2009, she was ranked World No. 91 in international squash ranking having 428 points on ranking table. Her career best ranking so far is 66 ( May 2008 ). 

She is a right handed player with great skills and potential. Pakay practice and play at Hashim Khan Complex, Peshawar under the coaching of Nasir Hussain and uses Dunlop brand of racquets. In 2009 she earned points by appearing in Dg Rangers (sindh) Junior Squash Championship 2009, Nsc Series No 5 2009 (silver 20), Nsc Series No 4 2009 (tour 12), Nsc Series No 3 2009 (tour 8), Nsc Series No 2 2009 (tour 8) and Nsc Series No 1 2009 (tour 12). Her hobbies and interests includes squash & music.

“Maria certainly has all the talent and the desire to become the world’s best player. There are still many steps to go but she is moving fast through each of them,” Power told ‘The News’ in an interview from Toronto. ”She will bring the trophy and the glory back to Pakistan.”
Power, 38, took the Bannu-born Maria under his wing last year after receiving a letter from her in Toronto.

“She has great racquet speed and has an uncanny ability to learn. She also has a mental toughness that I have not seen very often.”

“I received a very well written letter from a young woman who wanted to be the best and was prepared to travel half way around the world away from her family to achieve her goals. I have a soft spot for Pakistani squash because of how much I have learned from the great players of Pakistan’s rich squash history. So I wanted to give back in my way,” said Power.

Power who heads the National Squash Academy of Canada in Toronto was impressed by Maria’s talent and mental toughness.

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