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Kavita Kaushik and the star cast of the most popular cops comedy tv serial of SAB Tv


Kavita Kaushik:

Kavita Kaushik (born 15 February 1981) is an Indian actress known for her character Chandramukhi Chautala from SAB TV serial F.I.R. She is an only child of her parents and her father was a police officer.

After her college she was modeling, hosting events and anchoring. When the Balaji Telefilms had its auditions in the capital city for their new venture `Kutumb` she appeared in auditions and was selected and moved to Mumbai. After her work in the soap Kutumb, audiences saw Kavita Kaushik in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii in the role of Manya. Then she portrayed the character of Naina, the wife of Rahul Wadhwa in the afternoon daily `Kumkum`, then a `tapori` girl who comes into the life of trio Nitin, Raghu and Akki after the exit of Ram from this show. In another popular `Remix` she portrays a lawyer who wants to marry Sumeet Ahuja. She appeared in a brief role in the serial called `Tumhari Disha`.

She became more famous when she appeared in comedy serial FIR. She plays the funny character of Haryanvi cop in this serial. She just adores the characters of Chandramukhi Chautala, Gulgule and Hanuman Prasad. The directors of this serial wanted her to play this no-nonsense cop but she suggested that she should play this fun-loving, romantic Haryanvi cop which no actress has ever played. There are a lot more projects on her pipeline including a travel show 'excotica' with Deepti Bhatnagar.

F.I.R. is an ongoing Indian television sitcom first shown on July 31, 2006, on SAB TV. The show is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 10.30 p.m IST.The sitcom was nominated for the "Best Sitcom/Comedy Programme" category at the Indian Telly Awards in 2009.


F.I.R. is an acronym for the "First Information Report" that the Indian police prepares for each case to be investigated.
The story revolves around five police personnel at a station named Iman Chowki (honest police post) and depicts the daily events there in a comical and farcical manner. The central theme of the show is the unorthodox and funny tricks and unpolice-like methods used by the characters to solve new cases.
Three of the characters are central to the sitcom and appear in every show: sub-inspector Chandramukhi Chautala and two constables, Mulayam Singh Gulgule and Gopinath Gandotra. The fourth character, Bajrang Pandey, is a police inspector and the boss of the sub-inspector. The actors playing the inspector have changed as the show has progressed over the years. Koki is a slim constable whose only role is to quote a small rhyming couplet and then disappear.
Chandramukhi Chautala is the central character. She is young, educated, informed and well-built. She is from Haryana and speaks with a Haryanvi accent, her regional dialect of Hindi. Sometimes she speaks words or whole sentences in Haryanvi. She never fails to solve a case. She bosses over not only her juniors but also over her boss, the police inspector, who sometimes gets amorous with her; she always rebuffs him successfully.She always slaps Gulgule but he never protests.
Mulayam Singh Gulgule, a middle-age married constable is the second most important character. He gives ideas to Chandramukhi to try to solve cases. He always flatters his boss by saying that the idea he has given is actually her own idea that just happened to come to his mind. Yet she keeps on slapping him hard on the slightest pretext, but he never protests.
Gopinath Gandotra is an aged constable who speaks in a Punjabi accent. He is not much involved in solving the cases and instead spends most of his time reading newspaper and trying to speak in very bad English. Often he speaks ending with words "is the", e.g., "What is the problem is the, Delhi me airport palam is the", "What is the matter is the, can I send you letter is the", "Hame karni chahiye iski sahayata is the, warna phail jayega raita is the", "What is the name is the, Kanpur me traffic jam is the" and many more. Some of his most spoken dialogues are,"Ya this one!" and "Carry on!". He behaves like a child and often tries to lift up his loose belt to set up his pants over his stomach. Chandramukhi calls him uncle and makes fun of him but rarely slaps him.

Koki is a young, petite constable who has a very minor role of speaking in rhymes that suit the occasion and then disappear.
Police inspector Bajrang Pandey is the most senior officer in the police station. He is young and afraid of being married as he was informed by a soothsayer that he would die the moment he gets married. The sub-inspector wants to marry him and plays slightly amorous tricks with him but he rebuffs her. He is a fond of eating desi paan (edible leaf).
The inspector was transferred to another police station after a few seasons and the new replacement is opposite of the earlier inspector. The new inspector wants to get involved amorously with the sub-inspector but she always rebuffs him successfully. This inspector is also transferred after a season and another replacement comes.


A new case comes to the police station in every episode. A person or persons come with a complaint or a problem. The problem generally has nothing to do with police. It may be a case of love, divorce, snoring, bad cooking or anything under the sun. The lady and her constables solve the case successfully though the case has nothing to do with their official duties as police officers. They use highly unorthodox but successful methods. For example, a young girl comes to the police station complaining that her lover does not want to marry. The young man says that he has always seen his parents fighting and he is afraid of leading such a married life. The lady sub-inspector calls the parents who keep on fighting over trivial matters even in front of her. She calls a fake lawyer who declares that the couple’s marriage certificate is invalid in law. She also calls a fake priest who declares that he solemnized the couple’s marriage 25 years ago but was not competent to do so as he was a barber and not a priest. (When the couple protest that the priest appears to be younger than 25 years and would not have been born when they got married 25 years ago, the lady police officer certifies that the priest had got plastic surgery done and therefore appears so young.) She then declares that they were never married legally and were free to go their own way. But she invites the couple to get married again the next day in the police station if they love each other. She arranges flower decoration and other arrangements in the police station for a marriage. Their son is sure that they will not come the next day to get married but they do come and declare that they cannot live without each other. The son realizes that his parents love each other despite fighting over trivial matters every day. He then agrees to get married. Case solved. (As usual the constable and the young man get slapped a few times during the show.)

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Potrayed by Character Period Notes
Kavita Kaushik Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala 2006-present She plays the role of a police sub-inspector in the Iman Chowki and has a central role in solving the cases. She is known for her manly nature and bossy attitude towards her colleagues. She always keeps her subordinates in check and puts all her efforts in solving the cases.
Aamir Ali Inspector Bajrang Pandey (2011-present) He enters the show in season 2. He is an inspector who is interested in girls, but has to stay away from them as his guru told him that he would die if he got married. The police inspector’s role is later played by other actors as the inspectors keep on getting transferred to other police stations.
Shiv Pandit Inspector Hanuman Prasad Pandey (2006-2008) He is Chandramukhi Chautala's love interest for Season 1. He is actually a con man and a small time crook called 'Josh' who has disguised himself as Inspector Hanuman Prasad Pandey. He is always getting irritated by 'Chandramukhi Chautala' beacuase she keeps forcing him to marry her.
Ali Asgar Inspector Raj Aaryan (2009–2011) He enters the show in season 2. He is attracted towards inspector Chandramukhi, although she is mostly unaware of his attempts to impress her. Feeling insecure about the fact that Chandramukhi is taller and physically stronger than him, most of his plans fail miserably with Chandramukhi saving the day in the end.
Gopi Bhalla Gopinath Gandotra 2006-present He plays the role of an aged constable and rarely plays an important role in solving the cases. Generally other people mock him. He is often scolded by Chandramukhi upon his silly comments and mistakes while he tries to speak in very bad English. Some of his most used words are- " Ya this one", "carry on!"
Kiku Sharda Mulayam Singh Gulgule 2006-present He plays the role of one of the two male constables. He has an important role in the show and usually gives Chandramukhi useful ideas in solving the cases. He is usually scolded and slapped by Chandramukhi.
Divvya Taneja Jokila Shah (she does not appear nowadays) She plays the role of a lady constable and appears rarely.
Suresh Chatwal Commissioner
He appears in a few episodes. Inspector Raj Aaryan is his brother-in-law.
Shekhar Shukla Victim
Shekhar Shukla is probably most seen person in the televesion series after the police staff. He has appeared in almost every episode in different roles. Mostly he comes with a complaint. He gets the most funny one liners( takiya kalams) to say in the show.
Naveen Bawa Villian
Comes every time in the imaan chowki for different cases. He often plays a villainious role.
Sandeep Anand Ordinary man / Billu
He is a young man who comes most of the times in the imaan chowki for different cases but now he plays the role of Billu who is a constable who loses his memory frequently.
Manju Sharma Victim
She is the short lady who often comes to imaan chowki for different cases.
Yogesh Tripathi Ordinary Man
- He often plays interesting roles and has hilarious one liners (Takiya Kalams).
Sapna Sikarwar Victim
She is a beautiful young lady that appears in almost every episode.
Unknown Lappi Luthra
- Lappi is Gopis love interest. He metions her name in his taakiya kalams also. She is somehow never shown in the show.But in one episode he visits lappis house but unfortunately he is nabbed from the back before he enters her house by Chandramukhi Chautala.  

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