Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Star Cast of Famous Sab tv Comedy Drama Serial Chidiyaghar With Pictures

Chidiya Ghar is a comedy show which is shown on SAB TV in India. The show follows a Narayan family who lives in Varanasi. Each family member has an animal's quality. The name of their house is Chidiya Ghar and the family members names are also similar to any animal. It is produced by Garima Productions. In a short time, it has gained popularity and has got good TRP ratings.



A happy Narayan family resides in Varanasi. The name of their house is Chidiya Ghar. The senior in this house, Kesari, is a retired principal. His wife, Chidiya, is deceased. He has three sons: Ghotak, Gomukh and Kapi. His eldest sons, Ghotak and Gomukh, are married to Koyal and Mayuri respectively. Kapi is unmarried but is attracted to a South Indian friend. He also has a daughter Maina who looks like her mother Chidiya. She is married to Tota. He also has a sister named Billo. Their servant is Gada Prasad. Ghotak has a son called Gillu and Gomukh has a daughter Gajgamini.


  • Kesari Narayan("lion") is the oldest member of Narayan family and has an quality of a lion. He used to teach his children and grandchildren.
  • Ghotak Kesari Narayan("horse") is the eldest son and has the quality of a horse. This is because he is fast; he is employed as a ticket checker. Ghotak is an aggressive and active person. His catchphrase is "howdah nikal jayegi".
  • Koyal Ghotak Narayan("cuckoo") is the wife of Ghotak. Although she has the quality of a cuckoo, she is a bad singer. To wake up her husband, she plays the CD player and lip-synch to the song.
  • Gomukh Kesari Narayan("cow") is the second son of Kesari and has the quality of cow. He is a very slow-working and silent person. He is employed as a school teacher. After speaking something he uses symptomatics: If he asks a question, afterward he says 'question mark'.He says all the punctuation marks that are in and/or in the sentence.
  • Mayuri Gomukh Narayan("peacock") is the wife of Gomukh. She has the quality of a peahen and is a skilled dancer. She always wants her five daily praises from her husband Gaumukh.
  • Kapi Kesari Narayan("monkey") is Kesari's youngest son and is always found on the roof of the house. He loves his neighbourhood friend Memna.
  • Billo("cat") is Kesari's sister. She is an aggressive lady; first she only asks a question and then she only gives the answer. If she starts speaking, no one can stop her.
  • Gadha Prasad("donkey") is the servant of the house. He has the quality of a donkey as he is very foolish.
  • Memna("she lamb")is the girlfriend of Kapi, both are unable to understand their languages. She speaks Malayalam.
  • Maina("Maina") is the Daughter of Kesari Narayan.
  • Tota("Parrot") is the son in-law of Kesari Narayan.
  • Gillu Ghotak Narayan("Squirel") is the Ghotak's son. He harasses everybody in the family and is very naughty.
  • Gajgamini Gomukh Narayan a.k.a Gaj("Elephant") is Gomukh's daughter who only wants to eat whole day.
  • Kasturiji("Musk Deer") is lover of Gada Prasad

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