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Most Beautiful and Sexiest Arab Women Sofia el Marikh Pictures,wallpapers,videos,biography and Career details

Birth Date:   October 15, 1982(1982-10-15)


Born in Casablanca, Sofia Marikh first stood in front of a camera at the age of 4 for a diaper advertisement! Soon the nation saw her in a range of selective commercials as she became a solicited model in her country and in France. At the age of 15, Sofia took part in the French motion picture Soleil starring Sophia Loren and another Moroccan movie alongside actor Rasheed al Wali entitled Wa Baad.
The breakthrough for Marikh was when she got admitted to the famous reality talent program Star Academy in its first season for the Middle East. As the season ended the Star Academy students were launched into the real world. A new era began for the newborn star as she toured the Middle East for a series of sold-out concerts. Tunis, Kuwait, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan and Lebanon were on the schedule, but most importantly a crowd of loyal fans racing to get a glimpse of their favorite “Academicienne” Sofia. Sofia, who clearly stood out from her fellow candidates, was then chosen to perform at a unique concert with the promotion of Star Academy France in Lebanon. The Star Academy mania soon got the group to feature in a high-budget TV commercial for Pepsi.
The 2007 year witnessed the release of Sofia’s first Album: Kelmet Hob.
Sofia shot her clip "Kelmet Hob" under the direction of Leyla Kenaan which was meticulously edited in Paris and was widely known for its special animations that were a very recent idea for the Arabic eye. Sofia was qualified as a sensual rose blossoming and shining among lots of black spines. And following a massive statistic launched by the emirate website Al Rai, SOFIA was chosen to be the best Artist 2007. She then got rewarded by his majesty the King of Morocco, Mohamed the sixth. Sofia’s second clip was signed by the director Randa Alam. Sofia has shot a very special clip (Es’alni Ana) under the direction of Wissam Smayra and also released a single for a Moroccan song "Nmout A'lik" and will be shot as a clip soon. and an Arabic version for "woman in love" or "femme amoureuse" called "Tahwak".
Sofia made a duo with Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson, dedicated for Barry White, the song called "My First, My Last, My Everything".
Throughout her journey in the spotlight, the press accompanied Sofia’s every move. Never getting enough of her mysterious magnetism, almost every prestigious magazine featured her face on the cover page time after time.




  • Kelmet Hobb



  • Tahwak (She Adores You)
  • Nmout 3lik (I Love You till Death)
  • Es'alni Ana (Ask Me)
  • Bezzaf Bezaf (a lot, a lot)
  • Baheb Feek (What I Love about You)
  • Kelmet Hobb (Word of Love)



  • "Tahwak" - Wissam Smayra
  • "Es'alni Ana" - Wissam Smayra
  • "Baheb Feek" - Randa Alam
  • "Kelmet hobb" - Laila Kanaan

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