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Yu Hasebe Hot and Sexy Japanese Actress and Model Pictures,Wallpapers,Biography and Much More........

Yu Hasebe Hot and Sexy

Date of Birth:  17 January 1986

Yu Hasebe is a Japanese actress and model. She was one of the original three members of the J-Pop group "Dream" (renamedDRM in 2007). She debuted as a gravure idol in 2004. She has also starred in a number of Japanese movies and TV dramas. She was formerly a member of a unit called Kingyo with Nao Nagasawa and Aiko Kayō.


  • Chikan Otoko (2005)
  • Love Psycho (2006)
  • Mayonaka no Shōjotachi (2006)
  • Backdancers! (2006)
Yu Hasebe Japanese Hot and Sexy


  • Mahora no Hoshi (2005)
  • Karera no Umi VII: Wish on the Polestar (2005)
  • Girl's Box (2005)
  • Koi Suru!? Kyaba Jō (2006)
Yu Hasebe Japanese Hot


  • Yu & I (16 March 2005)
  • I Love Yu (31 July 2005)
  • Talk to... Twelve Flowers (15 December 2006)

Yu Hasebe Cute

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Yu Hasebe Hot

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