Monday, April 11, 2011

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam 1024x768 Wallpapers

Abut Atif Aslam:

Birth name: Muhammad Atif Aslam

Born: Wazirabad, Pakistan

Origin: Lahore, Pakistan

Genre(s): Pop,Rock

Occupation(s): Singer Musician

Instrument(s): guitar

Years active: 2005 - Present

Associated acts: Jal

Life & Career

Atif attended high School at PAF College, Lahore, where he played Kabaddi and became interested in music.

Atif Aslam 1024x768 Wallpapers

He attended Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) to do his Bachelors in Computer Science (BCs).
Lahore he met guitarist and talented young composer, Gohar Mumtaz. This lead to performances at their college and at various restaurants eventually pushing the pair into finding a name for their subtly formed band, which they named "Jal" - which means water.

Atif Aslam 1024x768 Wallpapers

Some of the awards he has won include: Best playback singer, Best debut singer - Sahara Sangeet Awards (India) Winner OF Best Song Best Lyricist Best Composition - ARY Music Awards (Pakistan) Most Wanted Male - The Music Awards (Pakistan)

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